B. Nektar Wildflower Honey Mead

B. Nektar Meads - $15.99 750ml / 375ml

Riley's is happy to announce the re-arrival of B. Nektar Wildflower and Vanilla Cinnamon Meads! While our first shipment sold out quickly, we hope to be able to keep these on the shelf in the future.

B. Nektar, a relatively new addition to the Mead market, hails from Ferndale Michigan. Each bottle of mead represents the painstaking amount of care taken by founder  Brad Dahlhofer to ensure the finest quality mead reaches your glass. Made with a variety of different honeys, additional flavoring components, and even some barrel aging, B. Nektar meads are just about the finest we've ever had the opportunity to sample.

Many beer fans may remember B. Nektar from the 2010 Great Taste of the Midwest, where their meads were met with a great deal of enthusiasm by festival-goers. Thankfully, B. Nektar has made it to Wisconsin, where we hope we will get to see the wide array of creative meads that they produce. Riley's should keep several meads in stock at any given time, including limited releases, as they become available.

B. Nektar Meads (Wildflower Mead, Vanilla Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Wildberry Pyment, Pineapple Coconut Melomel*, Bourbon Barrel Mead*, Margarita-Style Melome*l, Yo Mamma's Strawberry Pizzaz*) - all $15.99 in 750ml (regular line-up) and 375ml (*limited releases) sizes.


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