New Holland Spirits

New Holland Spirits

We’re excited to announce another arrival of some unique craft spirits. We’ve picked up two new bottles from New Holland Brewing Company: Hatter Royale Hopquila, and Knickerbocker Gin.

Hatter Royal Hopquilia is a grain-neutral spirit, made from 100% barley, distilled, and then steeped in Centennial hops. One might expect a piney, resinous spirit, reminiscent of an India Pale Ale, but this spirit is mysteriously smokey and possesses just the slightest hint of citrus with an incredibly smooth body and slightly sweet finish. It’s not tequila, not at all. But you would be hard pressed to tell it apart.

“For centuries, cultures all over the world, have celebrated the benefits, aroma and flavor of

Humulus lupulus, a.k.a. “hops.” Their lively aromatics and punctuated bitterness are best known for their most infamous role in brewing. Hatter Royale is the innovative creation, Hopquila which invites the herbaceous perennial to the exciting world of distilled spirits.

A fermented wash of 100% barley is twice distilled, then steeped with Centennial hops. The vivacious spirit features a grain-centric body framed by citrus-laden hop character in the nose and finish. Hoparitas!”

Knickerbocker Gin is another grain-neutral spirit, infused with over a dozen botanical herbs and spices, and given a heavy-handed  dose of juniper berries. Incredibly smooth, this gin is perfectly suited for martinis and other gin-focused cocktails. This might be our new favorite gin!

“Knickerbocker Gin is a vibrant, aromatic spirit twice distilled and infused with flavors from more than a dozen herbs and spices. Generous amounts of juniper-berries contribute a bright citrus and evergreen body, bursting with flavor before a clean, dry finish. Named for the Dutch explorers of a new world, Knickerbocker celebrates modern exploration in the historic realm of distilling.”

Stop in and check out these fine spirits from New Holland, we promise you won’t be disappointed.


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