In addition to our unparalleled selections of wine and beer, Riley's also offers a great deal of fine spirits from and array of countries just as extensive as that of our wine catalog. From Akvavit to Whiskey, we carry just about everything you could imagine or hope for. Just as there are many new microbreweries popping up all over the country, new distilleries are emerging every year, several of them from our state of Wisconsin, and Riley's prides itself in stocking these new and local offerings


Riley's has accumulated an extraordinary collection of single malt Scotch whisky—over 200 different bottles—and we're adding more all the time. We've been fortunate enough to acquire several rare bottles and range of vintages from some distilleries.


There are also many different bottles of Bourbon and American-made whiskey standing tall on our shelves. Take a look upstairs at our selection, and you'll be amazed at what we have in our store, and likely tempted by many of the fine labels.  Our friendly staff is always available to assist you with locating a bottle that will suit your needs.

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