When purchasing keg beer from Riley's Wines of the World, please make sure that you are familiar with our keg rental policies. These rules are made to ensure that we can provide our customers with the highest level of service and product quality and ensure a good customer experience.

All Barrel Purchases Must Be Made In Person!

Rental Fees and Deposits

Riley's offers tap and bucket rentals with every barrel purchased at a discounted rental fee. All tap and bucket rentals, and keg purchases require a customer deposit. Deposits will be returned to customers in full, as long as all equipment is returned on time and in acceptable condition.

Rental Fee and Deposit With Barrel Purchase

  • Tap: $3.00 Rental Fee; $100.00 Deposit
  • Bucket: $2.00 Rental Fee; $10.00 Deposit

Rental Fee and Deposit Without Barrel Purchase

  • Tap: $5.00 Rental Fee; $100.00 Deposit
  • Bucket: $5.00 Rental fee; $10.00 Deposit

Keg Deposits are currently $30.00.  This amount rarely changes, but can vary depending upon the deposits charged by brewers. New Glarus & Central Waters barrels require a $40.00 deposit. Lake Louie barrels currently require a $75.00 deposit.

Riley's will charge all credit or debit card deposits at the time the sale is made. You must present the same card used for the deposit upon returning your rented equipment to receive your refund.  Riley's cannot refund the deposit to another card or offer a cash refund. Arrangements can be made to refund your deposit over the phone after equipment has been returned, but it must still be refunded to the original card used.  

Riley's Barrel Policies

Please check rented equipment before 8:30pm, or earlier if possible. If there is a problem with any rented equipment, please notify us immediately, either by phone or in person. We will exchange any faulty equipment, simply bring the item in question to our store and we will swap it out. All equipment on loan from Riley's must be returned in good condition within two days of the date of purchase.  After two days, you are subject to a $2.00 per day late fee from the day of purchase.  After 1 week without return, Riley's holds the right to retain the entire deposit. Please try to return all equipment as soon as possible, as we need to clean equipment after it leaves our store.  Used taps and buckets tend to get funky after sitting around for a few days, especially in the hot summer months. We like to make sure all of our customer have a pleasurable experience, and this is easier to accomplish with your cooperation.

Barrels for Delivery

All orders for delivery must be placed and paid for by 5:00pm to ensure delivery by 7:00pm on the requested evening. If barrels are not received by 7:30pm, call Riley's (257-0400) before 8:00pm. Riley's will not accept orders for same day delivery after 5:00pm.
A $10.00 delivery fee will be charged for all single barrel deliveries within the greater Downtown/Campus area.  A $2.00 fee will be charged for each additional barrel. Deliveries for barrels outside of this area are subject to extra fees. Please call to find out if delivery is available to your area.
Map Guide: Downtown (Red)= $10 keg delivery; Near East/West & S. Beltline (Yellow)=$15 keg delivery; Outer Madison (Blue)=$20 keg delivery. All other deliveries outside of this area will require prior approval and will be charged a $1.50 fee per mile, round trip total.

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