Riley’s carries a wide variety of beers in keg form. From inexpensive domestic brand beers to serve the masses, to delectable micro brews for your special occasion, you are certain to find a beer to suit your needs. Most beers listed below are in-stock and available for purchase at any time.  Riley’s welcomes advanced reservations!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? View our Keg Beer Availability Guide to see what’s available. We can usually special order beers from this list and have it in our store for you to pick up within 2 business days!

*All prices listed below are subject to change and availability without notice*

Current Specials (Updated 3-5-2015)

Capital Supper Club 1/2 bbl $98.95

Capital Supper Club 1/4 bbl $49.95

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Beer Brand1/6 Bbl.1/4 Bbl.1/2 Bbl.
Blue Moon$76.95$144.95
Bud Light$58.95$98.95
Busch Light$74.95
Coors Light$58.95$98.95
High Life$79.95
High Life Light$72.95
Keystone Light$72.95
Michelob Golden Draft Light$98.95
Miller Lite$58.95$98.95
Natural Light$72.95
Pabst Blue Ribbon$46.95$79.95
Rolling Rock$79.95

Beer Brand1/6 Bbl.1/4 Bbl.1/2 Bbl.
Amstel Light$129.95
Dos Equis$119.95
Labatt Blue$94.95
Stella Artois$154.95

Beer Brand1/6 Bbl.1/4 Bbl.1/2 Bbl.
Ale Asylum Ambergeddon$136.95
Ale Asylum Hopalicious$136.95
Bells Seasonal$98.95$149.95
Bells Two Hearted$98.95$149.95
Capital Amber$76.95$139.95
Capital Island Wheat$76.95$139.95
Capital Supper Club$76.95$139.95
Capital Lake House$76.95$139.95
Central Waters Glacial Trail IPA$82.95$139.95
Central Waters Happy Heron Pale Ale$82.95$139.95
Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter$82.95$139.95
Central Waters Oisconsin Red$82.95$139.95
Central Waters Satin Solstice Imperial Stout$82.95$139.95
Cross Plains Special$39.95$69.95
Essers Best$39.95$79.95
Furthermore Knotstock$139.95
Furthermore Proper$139.95
Angry Orchard Cider$59.95$139.95
Leinenkugels Original$72.95
New Belgium Fat Tire$139.95
New Glarus Totally Naked$82.95$139.95
New Glarus Black Top$82.95$139.95
New Glarus Moon Man Pale Ale$82.95$139.95
New Glarus Two Women$82.95$139.95
New Glarus Spotted Cow$82.95$139.95
Point Special$89.95
Sierra Nevada$67.95$139.95
Sprecher Amber$69.95$109.95
Woodchuck Cider$59.95$129.95

Beer Brand1/6 Bbl.1/4 Bbl.1/2 Bbl.
1919 Root Beer$54.95$86.95
Sprecher Root Beer$44.95$69.95


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